The following pages represent most of two years of "posters" published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch in parallel with our coverage of auto racing.

I photographed for both sets, and designed the 1998 pages.

In the newspaper business, what happened in yesterday's paper is of little importance. It is old news. So, very little remains of the poster series. I did, however, save a number of my original files since all the work was done at home on my personal Mac computers. (The PCs at work had limited graphics capability.)

The following pages show the files of the posters as I have them. The 1998 collection is complete. I only have about 66% of the 1999 collection. A series was also published in 2000, but I had nothing to do with it. That series was significantly different, being only a strip across the width of the page about four inches deep. No series was published in 2001.

I have retained some of the actual printed pages (called tear sheets) and a very few of the proofs for my editing purposes. Check the SALE pages for information on these and photographic reprints of the posters.